Documents for Sale

Publications0Customs Tariff375.00
Publications0Income Tax Tables55.00
Publications19910Bound Volume (St. Lucia Laws) 1991150.00
Publications19990Bound Volume (St. Lucia Laws) 1999550.00
Publications20000Bound Volume (St. Lucia Laws) 2000515.00
Publications20010Bound Volume (St. Lucia Laws) 2001993.50
Publications20030Bound Volume (St. Lucia Laws) 2003911.50
Publications20020Bound Volume (St. Lucia Laws) 2002459.25
Publications20040Bound Volume (St. Lucia Laws) 2004731.00
Publications0NCA Report20.00
Publications0Labour Code127.00
Publications0Standing Order - House of Assembly20.00
Publications0Sir Bloom Cooper Report40.00
Publications0By-Election Report15.00
Publications0Constitution of St. Lucia30.00
Publications0A Framework for Tax Reform Vol 167.50
Publications0Estimates Vol. II: Hard Covered150.00
Publications0Annual Statistical Digest40.00
Publications0Estimates Vol. II: Soft Covered100.00
Publications0Budget Address20.00
Publications0Criminal Code298.00
Publications0Economic and Social Review 40.00
Publications20050Bound Volume (St. Lucia Laws) 2005370.00
Publications20060Bound Volume (St. Lucia Laws) 2006715.50
Publications20070Bound Volume (St. Lucia Laws) 2007658.5
Publications20080Bound Volume (St. Lucia Laws) 2008348.5
Publications20090Bound Volume (St. Lucia Laws) 2009233.00
Publications19950Bound Volume (St. Lucia Laws) 1995 - 1998350.00