Department of Equity, Social Justice, Empowerment and Human Services (Boys Training Centre)


1. Supervises and manages the Wardens and Security Guards, and provides direct care to the wards of the State.

2. Co-ordinates the day to day activities of subordinate officers in collaboration with other Department Heads at the Boys Training Centre.

3. Develops a professional alliance and maintains effective working relationships with co-workers, law enforcement officers, community and governmental agencies, and the general public.

4. Reports to the Assistant Manager, Boys Training Centre.


1. Manages the effective supervision of wards from all assigned areas or off property, in order to avoid idleness and to guarantee participation in assigned activities.

2. Ensures that the buildings and grounds are cleared from hazardous materials daily, in order to reduce incidents of harm to wards and staff.
3. Prepares weekly schedules and provides verbal and written direction to Wardens and Security Guards, to ensure efficient management of the facility.
4. Ensures the safe return of wards upon leaving the Centre.
5. Required to attend staff meetings and scheduled

training sessions, to keep abreast of developments and situations emerging in the workplace.

6. Assists in the preparation of the annual budget by keeping records and submitting quarterly reports on the inventory and conditions of all tools/equipment.
7. Undertakes research and compiles findings to assist in the development of policy documents and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), to establish a comprehensive safety and secure programme, for improvement of the daily operations of the facility.
8. Evaluates the performance of Wardens and Security Guards on a semi-annual basis.
9. Prepares and co-ordinates regular training for the
Wardens, through an established training schedule, to keep all parties abreast on new developments in the field.
10. Records all behavioral reports on the prescribed forms on a daily basis, to aide appropriate responsive action and preventative measures.
11. Performs such other job related duties as may be
assigned from time to time by the Manager or Assistant Manager.
1. Employment will be on a contractual basis.
2. Accommodation is provided in a general administrative office.
3. Institutional support is provided through appropriate Civil Service Regulations and Departmental Guidelines.
4. Required to work outside the regular Civil Service working hours including weekends and holidays, as may be deemed necessary.
5. Salary will be in accordance with the terms stipulated by the Government in the Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure.
6. The officer must avail himself/herself for personal development and career advancement through established orientation and in-service training.
7. Vacation leave will be provided in accordance with the
public service guidelines.
8. This post is non-pensionable in accordance with the Pensionable Offices Order of 1990.
Work performance will be evaluated on the basis of:
1. Effective implementation of duties, responsibilities
and assignments as defined in the Job Description.
2. Quality of final reports and other submissions as it relates to content and timeliness of submission.
3. Initiative, judgement and innovation used in the execution of duties.
4. Prioritization and effective completion of assigned tasks.
5. Quality of customer service internally and externally,and professional attitude.
6. Adherence to Civil Service Rules, Regulations and Departmental Standard Operating Procedures and Policies of the Boys Training Centre.
7. Proven knowledge and understanding of, and the effective application of Civil Service Rules and Regulations.

1. A working knowledge of and ability to interpret administrative rules, Collective Agreements, and other directives relating to Government Procedures.

2. Ability to apply general administrative principles.
3. Advanced knowledge of rules and regulations, policies and procedures, as it relates to the care, custody and control of juvenile delinquents.
4. Effective leadership skills.
5. Ability to exercise patience, diplomacy, tact and courtesy.
6. Demonstrated pro-social building and problem solving skills.
7. Ability to implement and oversee activities that are geared towards the overall rehabilitation of the wards and the development of Wardens and Security Guards.

1. A Bachelors Degree in Criminology, Psychology,Social Work, Education, Management, or in a related field, plus five (5) years post qualifying experience.

2. Associates Degree in Criminology, Psychology, Social
Work, Education, Management, or in a related field,
plus eight (8) years post qualifying experience.

Salary is at the rate of EC $54,163.24 per annum
(Grade 12, Step 1).
Applications should be made on the prescribed Government of Saint Lucia Employment Application,should be addressed to:
The Secretary
Public Service Commission
Sir Stanislaus James Building
The Waterfront
Castries, St. Lucia

To reach no later than February 16, 2018.
Only suitable candidates will be acknowledged.Please be advised that candidates who meet the minimum qualifications and experience may not be considered for an interview; only the candidates with the best qualifications and experience will be short listed for interviews.