1. Works under the direction of, and reports to the Director of Probation and Parole, Assistant Director,and the Courts.

2. Required to respond to the Permanent Secretary or any other duly authorized officer on matters related to work in progress.


1. Required to maintain effective supervision of all Probationers, to ensure they adhere to the terms of probation.

2. Conducts pre-sentence investigations and reports, or any other information as directed by the Courts.

3. Prepares bail applications and locate suitable sureties for unrepresented accused and remand inmates.

4. Visits the homes, schools, place of employment of persons under supervision and enquires about their behaviour, lifestyle and employment.

5. Secures the co-operation and assistance of education authorities, employers, health and medical services and social organizations on behalf of Probationers.

6. Keeps a record of assigned cases in the form and manner prescribed.

7. Enquires and intervenes in matters relating to juveniles at risk that are in need of care and protection.

8. Prepares case histories on each Probationer and formulates constructive action plans for their supervision and participation in rehabilitation programmes.

9. Mediates in minor criminal and civil matters as directed by the Courts.

10. Performs such other job related duties as may be assigned from time to time by the Permanent Secretary and the Director of Probation and Parole Services.

1. Accommodation is provided in a general administrative office.
2. Institutional support is provided through appropriate Civil Service Regulations and Departmental Guidelines.
3. Functions in a scheduled travelling post and will receive basic travelling and mileage allowance in accordance with approved rates.
4. Required to own and maintain a motor vehicle.
5. Salary will be in accordance with the terms stipulated
by the Government in the Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure.
6. The officer must avail himself/herself for personal development and career advancement throughestablished orientation and in-service training.
7. This post is non-pensionable.

Work performance will be evaluated on the basis of:

1. Compliance with Departmental guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures.

2. Effective implementation of duties, responsibilities and assignments as defined in the job description.

3. Accomplishment of agreed key performance targets.

4. Proven knowledge and understanding of, and the effective application of Civil Service Rules and Regulations.

5. Timely submission of reports and demonstrated ability to meet deadlines.

6. Quality of reports as measured by their clarity and accuracy.


1. Effective supervisory, interpersonal and rehabilitation skills.

2. Excellent communication skills both orally and in writing.

3. Sound knowledge of current and best practice in Offender-Management Programmes.

4. Ability to inspire, motivate and lead Offender toward a law-abiding lifestyle.

5. Excellent team-oriented spirit in completing tasks.

6. Ability to multitask effectively.

7. Sound knowledge of laws, rules, regulations, legislation, policy and procedures as they pertain to offenders and the Department of Probation and Parole Services

8. Understanding and implementing evidence-based practices relative to community supervision of offenders.

9. Literacy in use of electronic technology in the supervision of offenders and in the management of offender-related information.


1. A Bachelors Degree in Social Work, Counseling,Psychology, Education, Sociology, Criminology or Criminal Justice, plus two (2) years experience in a post at grade 10 and above;


2. A Bachelors Degree in Social Work, Counseling, Psychology, Education, Sociology, Criminology or Criminal Justice, plus eight (8) years experience at a
grade 7 and above;

3. A Diploma in Social Work, Counseling, Psychology, Education, Sociology, Criminology or Criminal Justice, plus three (3) years experience at a grade 10
and above.


Salary is at the rate of EC $54,163.24 per annum(Grade 12, Step 1).

Applications should be made on the prescribed Government of Saint Lucia Employment Application,should be addressed to:
The Secretary
Public Service Commission
Sir Stanislaus James Building
The Waterfront
Castries, St. Lucia

To reach no later than February 16, 2018.

Only suitable candidates will be acknowledged.Please be advised that candidates who meet the minimum qualifications and experience may not be considered for an interview; only the candidates with the best qualifications and experience will be short listed for interviews.