VACANCY: Post of Education Manager - (Bordelais Correctional Facility)

Department of Home Affairs and National Security
(Bordelais Correctional Facility)

  1. Responsible for the work program of the Education Unit;
  2. Responsible for the staff of the Education Unit;
  3. Supervises Remedial Teachers;
  4. Works under the supervision of the Assistant Director (Rehabilitation);
  5. Required to respond to the Director and Deputy Director of Correction, or any other duly authorized officer on matters related to work in progress.
  1. Develops and implements educational programs for inmates;
  2. Supervises and assists Remedial Teachers in the development and implementation of
    educational programs for inmates;
  3. Conducts Social Research to provide data on inmates’ educational background and educational needs;
  4. Identifies and prepares inmates for English and Mathematics Examinations, at the
    Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) Level;
  5. Liases with the National Enrichment and Learning Unit (NELU), and other external agencies on their respective educational programs, which are beneficial to inmates;
  6. Assists in the selection of, supervises and evaluates volunteers for the Educational Program;
  7. Prepares and manages the financial budget of the Education Unit;
  8. Submits monthly reports on inmate and staff educational activities executed by the Education Unit;
  9. Performs such other job related duties as may be assigned from time to time by the Director and Deputy Director of Correction.
  • Accommodation provided in a general administrative office;
  • Institutional support is provided through appropriate Civil Service Regulations and Departmental Guidelines;
  • Salary will be in accordance with the terms stipulated by the Government in the Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure;
  • The officer must avail himself/herself for personal development and career
    advancement through established orientation and in-service training;
  • This post is non-pensionable.
Performance will be evaluated on the basis of:
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the structure of the Public Service, the machinery of Government’s administrative policies and procedures;
  • Proven knowledge of, and ability to interpret and apply civil service rules and regulations, departmental guidelines and standard operating procedures, Pensions Act, the Estimates of Expenditure, Saint Lucia Constitution, the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Finance (Administration) Act and Regulations, Collective Agreements, Staff Orders, etc;
  • Effective leadership, management capabilities and interpersonal skills; ability to motivate and inspire staff and assess performance bi-annually;
  • Ability to maintain integrity, confidentiality and professionalism in the conduct of duties;
  • Achievement of agreed key Performance Indicators of the Education Unit;
  • Ability to continuously conduct inmate-research which provides the Rehabilitation Unit with the relevant data and statistics, for enhancement and development of educational programs;
  • Effective supervision of staff of the Education Unit;
  • Accuracy, attention to detail and effectiveness of completed work.
  1. A working knowledge of and ability to interpret administrative rules, Collective Agreements, and other directives relating to Government Procedures;
  2. Ability to apply general administrative principles;
  3. Sound knowledge and compliance with the Prison Ordinance, Statutory Rules and Ordinance, including Emergency Procedures, Personnel Policies, Code of Conduct and Staff Orders;
  4. Knowledge of the Legislation of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, with particular attention to the safe systems of work applicable to the area of responsibility;
  5. Sound knowledge of all relevant curriculum and legislation as it relates to the Educational Program;
  6. Excellent managerial and supervisory skills;
  7. Effective management of Educational Programs;
  8. Experience in quantitative and/or qualitative methodologies and research techniques;
  9. Ability to teach Mathematics and English Language at the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) Level;
  10. Excellent interpersonal, communications and analytical skills.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Education or Education Management or in a related field, plus one (1) year post qualifying experience.

Diploma in Education or Education Management or in a related field, plus two (2) years post qualifying experience.

Salary is at the rate of EC $61,914.36 per annum (Grade 14, Step 1).
Applications should be made on the prescribed Government of Saint Lucia application form
should be addressed to:

The Secretary
Public Service Commission
Sir Stanislaus James Building
The Waterfront
Castries, St. Lucia

To reach no later than December 15, 2017.

Only suitable candidates will be acknowledged.

NB. Please be advised that candidates who meet the minimum qualifications and experience may not be considered for an interview; only the candidates with the best qualifications and experience will be short listed for interviews.