VACANCY: Post of Executive Director - (Mental Wellness)

Ministry of Health and Wellness (Mental Wellness)

  • In concert with Section Heads;
  • Provides administrative leadership and direction of all operations, programs, and implementation of policies;
  • Responsible for the management and supervision of the day-to-day activities within the psychiatric hospital and its attendant entities;
  • Responsible for the general supervision of staff, ensuring that a responsive, high quality service is provided to clients and their families;
  • Reports to the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health and Wellness or any other duly authorized officer on matters relating to work in progress.
  1. Plans, develops and implements institutional policies;
  2. Implements necessary instruments for data collection in order to facilitate evaluation and research;
  3. Coordinates the actions of all units within the Mental Health Services Division and ensures they function as one;
  4. Promotes open communication within the institution and health departments, plans and conducts meetings, when necessary;
  5. Assesses staffing patterns and makes recommendations for recruitment of professional
    and ancillary staff;
  6. Participates in interviews for staff recruitment, and assesses suitability for employment;
  7. Develops an annual budget and exercises appropriate controls in its implementation;
  8. Establishes and maintains reporting systems quarterly and/or annually, to include statistical data, clinical, administrative, personnel and training issues;
  9. Provides and facilitates professional growth and development of all personnel, via both internal and external training programmes;
  10. Facilitates consultation services to other health care institutions whenever necessary;
  11. Provides quarterly reports to the Permanent Secretary;
  12. Ensures that all pertinent regulations and laws are complied with;
  13. Attends continuing education programmes, meetings, workshops, and conventions, in
    order to enrich personal and professional knowledge and skills in administrative, clinical
    and training aspects;
  14. Performs any other job-related duties assigned by the Permanent Secretary.
  • Institutional support is provided through appropriate Civil Service Regulations and Departmental guidelines;
  • Salary is in accordance with the terms stipulated by Government in the Estimates/Collective Agreement;
  • The officer must avail himself/herself to personal development and career advancement opportunities;
  • Required to own and maintain a motor vehicle in proper working condition;
    This post is a travelling post.
  • Effective implementation of assignments as outlined in the job description;
  • Timely completion of assignments;
  • Report quality as indicated by their clarity and precision;
  • Compliance with departmental guidelines and standard operating procedures outlined
    in the departmental procedure manual;
  • Proven knowledge, understanding and application of Civil Services Rules and Regulations.

Required to have:
  1. Extensive knowledge of current health care administration principles and practices;
  2. Extensive knowledge of modern patient care and management principles, practices and
    procedures including accounting and finance, purchasing, personnel, facilities, office
    procedure and records, and specific related supporting services within psychiatric hospital;
  3. Working knowledge of Financial, Procurement and Stores Rules;
  4. Proven knowledge and understanding of, and the effective application of Civil Service Rules and Regulations.
Skills required include:
  1. A high level of individual initiative, planning and good judgment;
  2. Effective decision making skills - must act in a decisive manner, using good judgment;
  3. Effective time management skills- must be able to manage and utilize work time properly and effectively;
  4. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills;
Must have ability to:
  1. Communicate effectively both oral and written;
  2. Foster an amicable working environment;
  3. Work effectively with team members and customers, both internal and external;
  4. Analyze operational data and employ approved management techniques to obtain maximum effectiveness and efficiency;
  5. Effectively coordinate various hospital functions and activities for maximum cooperation and efficiency;
  6. Direct, instruct and advise administrative staff in the approved methods, procedures, and practices employed in effective health care administration;
  7. Interpret established policies into operating procedures which implement hospital programs;
  8. Conduct meetings and conferences concerning a wide variety of matters;
  9. Evaluate concerns of the public and translate these concerns into effective operating procedures;
  10. Recognize the value of diversity in the operation of procurement in the public sector.
  1. Masters of Science Degree in Health Care or Hospital Administration, Public Administration or Management Studies or related field plus 1 year experience in a post at Grade 14 and above.
  2. A Bachelor’s Degree in Health Care or Hospital Administration, Public Administration or Management Studies plus Post Graduate Diploma and 2 years’ experience in a post at Grade 14 and above.
  3. Advance Certificate in Health Care or Hospital Administration, Public Administration or Management Studies or related field plus 4 years’ experience in a post at Grade 15 and above.
Salary is at the rate of EC $73,541.06 per annum (Grade 17, Step 1).

Applications should be made on the prescribed Government of Saint Lucia application form along with certified copies of documents pertaining to qualifications, plus two (2) recent references and one (1) passport sized photograph and should be addressed to:

The Secretary
Public Service Commission
Sir Stanislaus James Building
The Waterfront
Castries, St. Lucia

To reach no later than June 02, 2017.

Only suitable candidates will be acknowledged.

Please be advised that candidates who meet the minimum qualifications and experience may not be considered for an interview; only the candidates with the best qualifications and experience will be short listed for interviews.