VACANCY: Post of Deputy Chief Fire Officer

Ministry of Finance, Economic Growth, Job Creation, External Affairs and Public Service

Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons for appointment to the post of DEPUTY CHIEF FIRE OFFICER, in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Justice and National Security (Department of Home Affairs and National Security - Saint Lucia Fire Service).

  1. Works under the general guidance of the Chief Fire Officer (CFO);
  2. May be called into work at any time in cases of Emergency;
  3. Responsible for assisting the Chief Fire Officer (CFO) in planning and implementing all phases of Departmental operations and administration; including, but not limited to fire control, emergency medical systems, hazardous materials incident, planning and mitigation, rescue, fire investigations, fire prevention, and training;
  4. Ensures the departmental rules, regulations and directives are adhered to;
  5. Performs a variety of technical, administrative, and supervisory work in planning, organizing, directing and implementing fire prevention, suppression and emergency medical services to prevent or minimize the loss of life and property by fire, medical and other emergency conditions.
  1. Assists with planning, coordinating, supervising and evaluating Core Fire and Emergency Medical Services operations;
  2. Assists and advises on established policies and procedures for Fire Service Operations;
  3. Assist in reviewing Departmental performance and effectiveness;
  4. Recommends and assists with the implementation of new and innovative technology and advises accordingly;
  5. Assists with the formulation of programs and policies to alleviate deficiencies of the work program of the Saint Lucia Fire Service;
  6. Assists with the preparation, presentation, and utilisation of the annual Fire Service Budget;
  7. Assists with the planning and reviewing of specifications for new or replacement equipment;
  8. Responds to and acts as an incident Commander and provides command and control at Emergency scenes when necessary;
  9. Supervises the inspection of buildings and other properties for fire hazards and the enforcement of applicable fire prevention legislation where appropriate;
  10. Ensures and maintains a safe and healthy work area by developing, managing, and evaluating departmental safety programmes;
  11. Ensures monthly reports are prepared and submitted to the Chief Fire Officer (CFO) regarding the Department’s activities in addition to other reports as appropriate;
  12. Assists with planning Departmental operations with respect to equipment, apparatus, and personnel and further supervises the implementation of such plans in accordance with established policies;
  13. Assigns personnel and equipment to such duties and uses as the service requires;
  14. Makes recommendations for the purchase of new equipment and supplies;
    Deputises in the absence of the Chief Fire Officer;
  1. Attends conferences and meetings to keep abreast on current trends in the field;
  2. Represents the Saint. Lucia Fire & Emergency Service in a variety of local, regional and other meetings;
  3. Assists the Fire Chief with addressing grievance matters and disciplining subordinates;
  4. Consults with the Fire Service Association Executive on matters affecting employees of the Saint Lucia Fire Service;
  5. Performs such other work-related duties which fall within the broad scope and purpose of the job, as may be assigned by the Chief Fire Officer, which are commensurate with the Grade of the Post.
  • Office provided at the Fire Service Headquarters;
  • Expected to comply with the Fire Service Act & Regulations and the Public Service Staff Orders;
  • Free medical attention and treatment is provided at government institutions;
  • Maintenance of a vehicle is required;
  • Travelling overseas on official duties/training from time to time;
  • Entitled to receive regular travel allowance and payment of mileage for approved journeys;
  • Salary is in accordance with the terms stipulated by the Government of Saint Lucia in the Estimates of Expenditure/Collective Agreement.
Work performance will be evaluated on the basis of:

Evaluation will be on-going by supervisor and formal appraisals will be completed twice annually.
  • Effective implementation of duties, responsibilities and assignments as defined in the Job Description;
  • Demonstrated leadership and management capabilities and interpersonal skills;
  • Demonstrated professional, administrative and/or specialized knowledge required to perform the job;
  • Soundness of judgment and decision making;
  • Quantity and quality of work;
  • Timely completion of tasks assigned and meeting of deadlines;
  • Dependability and initiative.
  1. A sound knowledge of modern fire suppression and prevention, emergency medical services, principles, procedures, techniques and equipment will be considered an asset on the job;
  2. Considerable knowledge of applicable laws, ordinances, standards, and regulations;
  3. Ability to supervise and lead subordinate personnel;
  4. Ability to perform work requiring good physical condition;
  5. Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing;
  6. Ability to exercise sound judgment in evaluating situations and in making decisions.

1. Master’s Degree in Administration from a recognized University plus two (2) years’ experience in a post at Grade 12 and above.
2. A Master’s Degree in Administration plus four (4) years’ experience in a post at a Grade 10 and above.
3. Bachelor’s Degree in Fire Administration, or a closely related field plus four (4) years’ experience at a Grade 12.
4. Bachelor’s Degree in Fire Science plus a Post Graduate Diploma in Administration plus three (3) years’ experience in a post at Grade 12, and any combination of the requisite skills and experience.

  • Must possess excellent public presence and must be an effective speaker;
  • Expected to be available and/or reachable at all times, with the exception of scheduled Leave of absence and/or scheduled vacation time;
  • Must possess, a valid driver’s license;
  • The individual must not have committed any felony convictions or disqualifying criminal histories;
  • Ability to read and write the English language, proficiently and effectively;
  • Must be computer literate;
  • Must possess the ability to meet the department’s physical demands.
Salary is at the rate of $69, 665.49 per annum Grade 16, (Step I)

Applications should be made on the prescribed Government Application forms along with certified copies of documents pertaining to qualifications, plus two (2) recent references and one (1) Passport sized photograph.

The same should be addressed to:

The Secretary
Public Service Commission
Sir Stanislaus James Building
The Waterfront
Castries, St. Lucia

To reach no later than March 10, 2017.

Unsuitable candidates will not be acknowledged.

Please be advised that candidates who meet the minimum qualifications and experience may not be considered for an interview; only the candidates with the best qualifications and experience will be short listed for interviews.