VACANCY: Post of Presiding Judge

Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court

Commercial Division of the High Court, Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court

Appointing Authority:

Judicial and Legal Services Commission of the Supreme Court establishes under the Courts Order 1967 (Imperial Legislation Statutory Instrument No 223 of 1967) and chaired by the Chief Justice of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (“the ECSC”)

The Commercial Division:

The Commercial Division of the ECSC is superior court of record which hears and determines Commercial Cases as defined in the Civil Procedure Rules of the ECSC. The bulk of the work of the Commercial Division consists of high value cross border litigation with a base in financial services, international commerce and company and insolvency law. Appeals from decisions of the Commercial Division are heard by the Court of Appeal of the ECSC, from which appeals lie to HM Privy Council.

Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. To hear and determine all claims commenced in the Commercial Division of the High Court, Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (‘the Commercial Court ‘) including all interim and other applications made in the course of such proceedings. While the bulk of such claims will be commenced and heard in the Commercial Court sitting in Tortola, British Virgin Islands, the Commercial Court Judge may, at the direction of the Chief Justice, hear claims originating from the six states and wo other UK Overseas Territories which comprise the territorial jurisdiction of the ECSC, wither in Tortola or in the particular state or Overseas Territory in question;
  2. To constitute and convene a Commercial Court Users Committee comprising representatives of local law firms which regularly make use of the facilities of the Commercial Court (‘the Committee’);
  3. To keep under review, in conjunction with the Committee, the functioning of the Commercial Court Registry and to make such recommendations as may seem expedient for ensuring the efficient management of cases proceeding in the Commercial Court;
  4. To keep under review, in conjunction with the Committee, the practice and procedure of the Commercial Court and to make such recommendations for its development as may seem expedient;
  5. Before expiration of term, to provide such advice and assistance to a successor Judge as may be necessary to enable a seamless handover.
Qualifications & Experience:

The suitable candidate should possess at least then (10 years’ experience as a Judge in a Court within the Commonwealth which has Civil jurisdiction in crossborder
or International Commercial cases

At least five (5) years’ experience as a Judge in a specialised court dealing with such cases

At least ten (10) years practise as a leading Attorney at Law specializing in Litigation involving cross border or International Commercial cases

Three years or any agreed extension of same

Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Salary and benefits:
  1. Gross Salary: USD$200,000 per annum, free of tax, payable monthly in arrears (comprising base salary and other allowances)
  2. Six calendar weeks’ or 42 calendar days’ vacation per annum
  3. Medical insurance coverage
  4. Fully furnished rent free accommodation and all associated utilities
  5. Driver and vehicle
  6. Passage for appointee, spouse and under age children at commencement and contract

Applications Forms can be accessed on the Courts website at: Applications must be accompanied by a complete curriculum vitae and full details of all relevant experience. Applications must be submitted by Tuesday, 28th February 2017 by email, hand delivery or courier to:

The Secretary
Judicial & Legal Services Commission
P.O. Box 1093
St. Lucia, W.I.
Tel: 1 758 457 3600