The Department of Fisheries informs that the Lobster Fishery will be CLOSED from March 1, 2018 until August 1, 2018, both days inclusive. When the Lobster Fishery is closed it is illegal for anyone to have lobsters in their possession.

According to Section 32, (2) (d) of the Fisheries Act Cap 7.15, of the Revised Laws of Saint Lucia 2013 "a person shall not, fish for, remove from the fishery waters,
give, or at any time have in his or her possession, expose for sale, sell or purchase any lobster" when the lobster
fishery is closed.

Members of the public, fishers, vendors and restaurant establishments that fail to comply with the requirements of the lobster season threaten the sustainability of the
lobster population. As such, non-compliance with the lobster closed season may result in the extended closure.

The laws protecting lobsters are key tools in ensuring that lobsters can continue to provide valuable income for local fishers, vendors and restaurateurs as well as a source
of protein for the general public.

The general public, especially purchasers and consumers are advised that they SHOULD NOTpurchase lobster during March 1, 2018 to April 1, 2018 when the lobster fishery is closed. Anyone caught violating the Fisheries Regulations may be fined up to EC$5000.00 for each offence. Reports can be made to the Marine Police at Tel #: 456-3870, the nearest Police Station or the Department of Fisheries.

For additional information contact the Department of Fisheries at Tel#:468-4135 or 468 4141.

Sarita Williams-Peter (Mrs.)