Quality and Efficiency with our Presstek CTP, High performance Chemistry-free CTP

Presstek?s Dimension Excel is a versatile, high performance, CTP system that streamlines workflow ? imaging your digital files directly to high resolution thermal plates for superior printing performance.

The Dimension Excel is highly affordable, delivers high quality imaging, is easy to use, and is based on industry proven technology. Dimension Excel employs daylight safe, chemistry-free thermal imaging technology. Gone is the need for special lighting environments and plate processor maintenance. All chemical developer costs are completely eliminated including storage and disposal. There is no need to clean, monitor or maintain the processor. And there are no more remarks due to exposure or vacuum frame deficiencies or errors. All of this results in a significant reduction in platemaking cost.

Dimension Excel delivers all the quality needed to satisfy the toughtest market requirements. For every type of offset printing, from annual reports and art posters to packaging and labels, the Dimension Excel produces plates quickly cost effectively, with the quality you and your customers demand.

The combination of Dimension Excel platesetters and Presstek?s chemistry and process free plates provides an optimized system for higher productivity, cleaner operation and lower cost. It?s a smart CTP investment strategy and a smarter way to print.