About Us

There is no formal documentary evidence available to verify the inception of the Government Printery. However, verbal reports indicates that the Printery has been around since the turn of the 20th century (1913). The Printery was then located in a back yard opposite the Royal St.Lucia Police Force Headquarters on upper Bridge Street/Castries. However, from since the 1948 Castries fire, which totally destroyed most, if not all of the physical infrastructural development of the then town, the government printery has been housed on a two floor building on the comer of Laborie and Jeremie Street.

The Printery's primary purpose is to supply government related forms to all ministries and departments in the execution of their respective mandate. Additionally the Printery is responsible for the weekly publication of the government's official gazette. A gazette can be defined as an official government journal announcing government's policy, appointments and promotions.

The Printery is a department that falls under the portfolio of the Office of the Prime Minister, which is headed administratively by the Cabinet Secretary, however the onsite officer in charge is the manager. The Honourable Prime Minister is responsible for the policy direction of the Printery.

On the 18th of March 2002 the Cabinet of Minister's decided on a name change to what was formerly known as the Government Printing Establishment to the National Printing Corporation (NPC). The changing of the institution's name is to facilitate directing the organization down the commercialization route, which would then allow the modus operandi of the organization to change.

The Printery operates on a recurrent budget voted and approve annually by the parliament of St. Lucia. The Current staffing compliment of the Government Printery stands at twenty eight (28) employees of varying competences and abilities. The department is made up of four (4) sections namely Administration, Computer Room, Bindery and Pressroom